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UX strategy and digital design

Design & build the experience your users need. 

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How can we help

Make sure your product is solving the problems it was designed to by using iterative design and testing with your users.

Idea validation

How do I validate an idea?

Get ideas in front of users and validate them before needing to develop. We can help you understand the value of your idea.

Product performance

Product not performing as expected?

We can evaluate your product and conduct user observations to understand where it needs improving and what features add the most value.

User testing

Need to test an MVP?

User XD will make sure you have detailed user flows mapped to your target market and create a low fidelity protoytpe to test with them. 

App design

Need help planning your app?

With 15 years experience we can help design and test your app user interface, getting it ready for the perfect launch.

Clients we have worked with

NZ Olympics
Open University Australia
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Rate broker
Les M

About us

UserXD is run by Daniel Birch, with over 16 years experience in the design industry across the globe he has worked with several start-ups in various stages and helped founders understand user problems and how to solve them. Daniel has run teams across multiple products in large global companies like Vodafone, Open University Australia and Les Mills International.  

He knows that a planned approach that looks at user behaviour and pain points in detail with a need to solve them is what creates product success.

If you want to catch up to have a chat about your product and how I might be able to help, just hit the contact button and let’s catch up.

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Our Services

Everything from research through to experience design, UI design and user testing.

Full Product Strategy

We take the time to understand your product and map out pain points, customer journeys and user flows.

UX Audits

We can speak with your team to understand the current state of your product/website and do an expert audit.


We can look at competitors in your market and create reviews and comparisons to help with your product design.

User Testing

In depth user testing and interviews to validate ideas and help with product features.

UI Design

UX/UI Design work. Everything from low-fidelity wire frames to finished pixel perfect designs.


Lead generation, multi variant testing and UX audits for help on what to fix.

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